How intelligent vehicles are slowly making their way to India.

India is steadily embracing connected vehicles. Tesla Inc. in the United state (US) may produce the most technologically advanced cars, but companies like Mercedes-Benz, Kia Motors, and Tata Motors are all utilising Internet of Things (IoT) technology to make automobiles "smarter."

Apps aplenty:

Apps for connected automobiles provide detailed 3D printable maps and alerts for vehicle maintenance. A automobile may be started or stopped, as well as locked or unlocked, from any place. Even before entering the car, you may use an app to adjust the Air Cooler (AC) temperature.

Communication Is Important:

Another intriguing feature is the capability to converse with other vehicles. Four-wheelers can communicate with one another thanks to Mercedes-Car-to-X Benz's technology, which it refers to as a span class="font-weght-bold">"social network for vehicles." Potholes, speed bumps, heavy rain, fog, and slick roads may all be detected by connected automobiles, which can then alert other nearby drivers within a 3-kilometer radius.

Safety Component:

There are several safety features in connected vehicles. When a vehicle breaches the boundary, geo-fencing alerts you. Through the vehicle's app, this may be changed. Real-time location sharing, roadside help, and emergency SOS calls are further safety features. In actuality, a smart automobile ought to be able to perform all of these tasks.

Siri, Move Over, Alexa:

The automobile is catching up with your living room in terms of voice-based assistants. Hello MG, Hey Mercedes, and Hello Kia are voice-activated assistants from MG, Mercedes, and Kia, respectively, that aim to improve your driving experience. These assistants respond to voice instructions, which you may use to control the AC temperature, open or close the sunroofs, or set the navigation to a specific place.

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