Ernakulam RTO makes history, registering one million vehicles as the first in Kerala.

The Ernakulam Regional Transport Office (RTO) has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first in Kerala to register one million vehicles. This accomplishment comes with the completion of the KL 7 DC registration number series and the introduction of the KL 7 DD series.

This achievement represents approximately 1/15th of the state's estimated 1.50 crore vehicles. The Ernakulam RTO, operating from the collectorate in Kakkanad, registers an average of 150 vehicles daily, mainly consisting of two-wheelers and cars, over a four-month period for each series.

The KL-7 series commenced in the late 1990s, assigning a specific number to each district, starting with KL-1 for Thiruvanathapuram and concluding with KL-14 for Kasaragod. The KSRTC was assigned the KL-15 series, and subsequent vehicle registration series were designated for rural areas in Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, and Kozhikode.

The early 2000s witnessed a surge in vehicle registration, leading to the establishment of sub-RTO offices in different districts, mainly municipalities, each assigned dedicated number series from 2006.

Despite the substantial revenue generated by the Ernakulam RTO through taxes and fees, MVD officials highlight the need for additional personnel, particularly motor vehicle inspectors (MVIs) and assistant MVIs, to enhance efficiency in vehicle registration, fitness tests, and driving license issuance. The enforcement wing also requires more personnel, given Ernakulam's record for the highest number of road accidents and fatalities.

Ernakulam also hosts the maximum number of goods carriers, frequently found to exceed the permitted load capacity despite Kerala High Court orders. Efforts are underway to collect tax arrears, primarily from goods carriers, amounting to tens of crores of rupees.

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