Cars Have About 30,000 Parts

Cars are made up of around 30,000 parts! That's a lot of pieces working together to make the car run smoothly. From the engine that makes it go, to the brakes that help it stop safely, and even the little things like screws and wires, everything has a job to do.

Imagine the engine as the heart of the car, pumping power to make it move. Then there's the transmission, which helps transfer that power to the wheels, and the exhaust system that keeps things running clean.

Safety is also important, so cars have things like airbags and seat belts to keep people safe in case of a crash. And don't forget about the cool stuff like music players and GPS to make driving more fun and convenient.

In short, cars are like big puzzles made up of thousands of pieces, all working together to get you where you need to go!

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