Bengaluru traffic police to release AI traffic app on Dec 20.

The city traffic police department is preparing to launch a new AI-supported traffic management app designed to monitor, manage and strategize to reduce congestion in Bengaluru, especially at major traffic chokepoints. Is. Traffic police sources say that this app is going to be launched on December 20.

Currently undergoing a pilot phase, the app leverages various digital technologies to analyze and understand traffic movements in Bengaluru. During the pilot, the traffic department is collecting data on vehicle speed, speed, traffic length, vehicle categories, chokepoints and more from aggregator apps, mobility-related websites, third-party sources like Google and similar platforms.

Department officials explain that this data is then input into the app, which uses AI to intelligently identify traffic movement trends. This information helps the traffic police to take data-driven decisions.

DCP Traffic (South), Shivprakash Devaraj said, “We are now collecting data from various sources and simulating them in the app. With this, the app gives us clarity on congestion, length of traffic, average speed, high-density corridors, among other things."

The traffic police department is inputting data from various traffic junctions, including notoriously congested junctions like Outer Ring Road, Old Madras Road, Hosur Road, Tumkur Road, Bannerghatta Road, Bellary Road.

The app, through predictive analytics and advanced alerts, will not only issue alternative routes but also provide response plans based on the inputted data. It aims to provide intelligent solutions to the traffic department in situations like waterlogging, potholes, road blockages, incidents etc.

With the annual maintenance contract with Bosch, responsible for maintaining the traffic cameras, ending on December 31, the traffic police department is planning to collect visuals from the cameras installed as part of the Safe City Project.

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