Bengaluru tests Japanese traffic tech to ease congestion.

A new traffic signaling system based on the Japanese MODERATO (Management of Origin-Destination-Related Adaptation for Traffic Optimization) technology has been activated at the junction of Kensington Road and Murphy Road near Ulsoor for vehicles and pedestrians. These signals part of a project implemented by the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) are designed to enhance traffic management at 28 major junctions along MG Road Hosur Road and Old Madras Road in Bengaluru.

Previously non-operational for several months due to various reasons including fixed signal timers these junctions will soon benefit from the advanced MODERATO technology. Unlike conventional systems the new signals will automatically adjust based on the density of vehicles at each junction providing a more dynamic and efficient traffic management solution.

Deepa Cholan Commissioner of DULT mentioned that the signals at the Kensington Road and Murphy Road junction were temporarily activated for a week to check installation and switching procedures. The actual testing of the signals is scheduled to commence from the last week of February 2024.

The project initially announced in 2014 and gaining momentum in July 2021 faced delays and missed multiple deadlines. Although a revised deadline for August 2023 was set power supply issues persisted. To address these challenges DULT issued a short-term tender in November 2023 to provide electrical connectivity for various components including the Queue-Length Measurement System (QLMS) Variable Message Signs (VMS) and Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier (ATCC) as part of the Bengaluru Advanced Traffic Information and Management System (ATIMS) project implementation.

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