Bengaluru: 16 flyovers, 10 overpasses, 12 underpasses for PRR traffic.

The envisioned peripheral ring road (PRR) in Bengaluru spanning 73 km is poised to integrate 16 flyovers 10 overpasses and 12 underpasses establishing a vital link between Hosur Road in the south and Tumakuru Road in the northwest. With an estimated cost of Rs 27 000 crore the privately funded project will see the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) granting toll collection rights for a duration of 50 years.

To mitigate traffic congestion at significant junctions and over 100 minor intersections across the eight-lane route the BDA intends to construct flyovers in densely populated corridors including Hesarghatta Road Old Madras Road Whitefield Road Channasandra Road and Hosur Road. Furthermore the project encompasses the creation of bridges over seven water bodies such as Chikkatogur Lake Gunjur Lake and Jarakabande Lake along with six cloverleaf-type overbridges to facilitate seamless road crossings.

The BDA envisions acquiring 2 560 acres of land for the project within a six-month timeframe anticipating a two-year construction timeline. While specific details regarding land requisition and compensation structures were not disclosed in tender documents BDA officials estimate a land acquisition cost of Rs 21 000 crore with an additional Rs 6 000 crore allocated for civil works.

The greenfield expressway design disclosed by the BDA outlines a 100-meter wide roadway featuring provisions for green spaces utilities underground cables footpaths cycle tracks and drains. The main carriageway spanning eight lanes will be flanked by service roads on both sides while a spacious median is designed to accommodate future Metro projects. The total stretch from Hosur Road to Tumakuru Road measures 65.95 km with an additional 3.4 km near Madanayakanahalli and 4.08 km near Hebbagodi to seamlessly integrate with existing roads.

Notably the project traversing the Jarakhbande reserve forest is currently pending environmental clearance.

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