Bengaluru Police Impound 85 Vehicles for Traffic Fines Exceeding Rs 50,000.

In a targeted initiative the Bengaluru Traffic Police's South Division seized 85 vehicles—comprising 84 two-wheelers and one car—during a special drive conducted on Saturday. The operation spanned three days and aimed to identify and impound vehicles whose owners had accumulated fines exceeding Rs 50 000 due to multiple traffic violations.

Users of these vehicles were found guilty of more than 10 210 violations across various stations in the South Division resulting in a total of over Rs 1.07 crore in outstanding traffic fines. The Jayanagar traffic police station led the impoundment efforts by confiscating 26 vehicles followed by Hulimavu and Adugodi each with 11 impounded vehicles.

The primary objective of this drive was to raise awareness about the police's use of automated systems for fining thus promoting a contactless approach to penalizing traffic offenders. Shiva Prakash Devaraju Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic South) emphasized this shift towards an automated and efficient system for issuing fines during the initiative.


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