AI cameras in Kerala detect 32+ Lakh traffic violations in 6 months.

The AI-enabled cameras, which were switched on across the state last June, have detected a whopping 32 lakh traffic rule violations in less than six months.

According to data accessed from the motor vehicle department (MVD), a total of 32,88,657 challans were issued to motorists for violations caught on the 726 AI cameras installed across the state between June 5 and December 26, 2023. The data showed that an average 18,000 violations were detected by the cameras daily.

Seat belt rule violation topped the list, with a staggering 18.22 lakh motorists penalized for the offence during the period. Of these, around 8.92 lakh were instances of co-passengers not wearing seat belts. As many as 45,124 two-wheeler riders were charged for carrying more than stipulated number of passengers at a time.

The state government had launched the AI cameras with the hope that they would help bring down traffic violations and enhance road safety. However, the large number of violations poses questions on whether the cameras have had the desired impact.

An MVD official said the number of violations detected by the AI cameras has shown an upward trajectory. Initially, if the AI cameras detected an average of nearly 10,000 violations daily, the number has now almost touched 20,000. Due to some technical glitches, 51 cameras are currently offline. Once they also go live, the number of violations detected is likely to go past 20,000 a day, the official said.

At the same time, Transport Commissioner S Sreejith said the AI cameras have helped reduce the accident death rate in the state. The number of road accidents remains unchanged. But the number of people losing lives in accidents has come down, said Sreejith.

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